Jan. 28th, 2013

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This is my official 10-minute afternoon break. I only note this because I'm realizing today that I need a bit more regimentation in my life. This isn't to say that I think my life needs to be inflexible. I am, however, noticing areas where regimentation could serve as a very solid and stable foundation upon which to hang my spontaneity.

Honestly, I've said for years that "good habits" are a great way to live a healthier life - and yet lately I seem to be acting in defiance of that premise. I don't really know what the underlying reason for it is. However, I don't have to go digging into my psyche to recognize that more regimentation would do me good - and if I'm resistant to it, I am at least aware of the resistance and can make the effort to push through.

There are areas of my life that create stress/strain.

Keeping the house clean
Home repairs/maintenance
Grocery shopping/meal planning
Health (specifically weight/exercise)

There are other areas, but these are the areas I'm choosing to focus on for the moment.

They create stress because they are "things to be dealt with which I do not enjoy." Thus, I think they are excellent candidates for regimentation.

For example, I come up with a list on a semi-daily basis of chores for Karl to complete. Additionally, there are chores I tend to. Some are daily (cleaning up dishes after meals) and some are less so (dusting the bathroom shelves, etc.). Often, I do not assign a chore or chores to Karl simply because I don't want to have to think about it first thing in the morning. I could avoid this, however, by creating a regimented weekly chore list. In other words, I could have him to certain tasks on certain days EVERY week. I would, in effect, be creating the chore list once and then just allow it to "run in the background" from there on out. Other special tasks could be assigned on an as-needed basis, but the basics would be covered. I could also do the same for myself. I could always do laundry on a certain day, etc. It would involve having less to think about all of the time.

I could do something similar for meal planning - and have actually talked about doing so, but I have failed to follow through on it. That could be remedied. I could create a card file of 20 or so simple, healthy dinners that I could rotate. This would VASTLY simplify the meal planning and shopping/list-making experience. It would also benefit my health because I would include planning healthy lunches, etc. also.

My break is nearly up (I'm noticing that my work day is moving more smoothly because I've made an extra effort to remain focused today - so I'm trying to stick with that), so these ideas are somewhat incomplete... but I wanted to make a note to myself so I will not forget that this is something I should work toward. If these somewhat mundane aspects of daily life are regimented/automated, then it will be much easier for me to plan fun and spontaneous things because I will never feel like I've allowed the fundamentals to slip away from me.

Break time is over!


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