Jan. 25th, 2013

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I do so love it when I see instant results.

Yesterday, I was whining about my son and fretting about whether or not he'd ever get his butt in motion. And, like a gentle and loving benefactor, the Universe gave me two gifts.

First, my son's Associates of Arts degree (the actual pretty certificate) arrived in the mail. It was like a calligraphy-laden reminder that there HAS been progress... and that with Karl, it is often slower than it would be if it were me or Britta... but the progress still occurs. Then, at dinner, he told me that he had called the temp agency he registered with to let them know that he's still looking for work. He then said "And I did it on my own - like an adult."

That was what I needed. Evidence that I wasn't the one pushing the boulder up the hill all by myself. I know it is still quite a ways to the top, but there is at least SOME investment on his part.

All the same, I think I'm going to add to his chores. As it was pointed out in comments to my entry from yesterday, he's got it pretty "good" here. He already does most of the household chores as his way of "paying rent." I figured out about how many hours worth of effort would equal the cost of renting a room and I have him do that level of labor here. With the weather warming up, he's about to have a slew of yard work to do - which he doesn't really enjoy. He also has to clean the toilet and mop the floors and scoop the cat box, etc. I do have to say - he does all of it with very little complaint - which I appreciate. I think that even though he does have it good - he KNOWS he has it good. He doesn't walk around with an entitlement complex. I think I am also going to have him start preparing at least one meal per week. I can start off with something simple like spaghetti and then basically teach him to read and follow a recipe. It's a life skill that he's going to need anyway. If having to cook in addition to having to clean and do yard work doesn't motivate him to get a job, I don't know what will. Maybe homelessness - but I really don't want it to come to that. For now, I feel rejuvenated because of the gifts I received. Needless to say - I am grateful!

Now, I just need work to sort itself out in a similar way. At least - no matter what - it is Friday and I'll have a break from the desk to regain perspective. But, if today could be a day in which the accurate and complete data flows, you won't catch me complaining!

Also - yesterday afternoon - there was a break in the cloudy haze for a short while. I could see a patch of blue sky way out to the East (the first blue sky I've seen in weeks. Literally). The haze had thinned enough that I could see where the sun was positioned in the sky - even though it wasn't actually breaking all the way through. It was the closest thing to "sun" I've seen in a couple of weeks as well. So, I did what any normal person would do. I made Karl go outside with me (so he could see it too) and then I ran around in circles on my front lawn like an excited dog. It's rainy now - but rain isn't stagnant fog, so I'll take it. Plus, it was 45 degrees when I woke up this morning, which is warmer than it has been in an age. So, I'm going to stamp this with "Grateful."


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