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I haven't had a chance to write about the frenzy that was D&A's wedding yet. I'm sorely out of my usual habits. This is due to some pretty extreme fatigue (the result of three nights in a row without adequate sleep).

However, I am grateful to say now that I feel much more like myself. I am grateful for a bit of "early to bed" to go along with my usual "early to rise." If my ankle would catch up with the program, that would be grand.

Tonight, Pete has Back to School Night. I'll be home, finishing up the tidying of our guest room... because Brittany and family will be here Friday night! Wooosh! But, the room is at least starting to come together - and that takes a lot off my mind. First - it is tidier, which is nice. Second, it is far more organized than before (I replaced the desk/shelf with shelves) so that room is going to be quite a bit more usable in the future - which is great.

And then... we get RAYNA TIME!!! Yay! We are going to help Brittany put together her Halloween Costume because Rayna is going to be Dippy for Halloween! What could be better than that? HA HA..

I think Brittany is a little bit homesick. It will be good to see them.

Then, I'm off to California. Woosh.

Now that the sewing is done and the ceremony is over, I feel a lot more relaxed. Everything went great and the wedding was wonderful, but I think I was more nervous than I realized. Now that it is done, I feel a huge sense of relief. My car is still broken. I did get my bank account fixed, though. Gee... I'm not even sure I've written about those fun times. (Friday, my car overheated in the Walgreens parking lot and then someone tried to hack into my bank account - twice). I still need to sort out the car issues... but my bank is sorted. This Mercury Retrograde has been madness... and it is going to wrap itself up while I'm in California. So, that should be interesting. As long as I get home again, that's what I care about. I've heard that the new GM at work is nice. I'll meet him next week.

So, onward. Back to journaling et al.


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