Nov. 12th, 2014 07:33 am
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I am grateful for Pete - who finally hung Sheba the Chandelier yesterday. I don't even have all of the prisms put on yet, but she is *glorious*. Probably a bit much for our small space, but I DON'T CARE. Prisms make me happy.

Now I just need to clean up the old fixture and we need to get a hook for it and Pete can install it in my office - which will "class up the joint" and also allow me to actually SEE. Seeing for 8 hours while I work will be nice.

Additionally - Pete put the new dimmer and the new light fixture in the Pirate Room. I am grateful for this, too. The new dimmer is really chic. I now want them EVERYWHERE. The new light fixture is nice, and I can finally have two lightbulbs in the fixture (the old fixture was somehow messed up and so we couldn't get one of the dead lightbulbs out). This means, when I sew in there, I'll be able to see what I'm doing! We're shedding light on stuff all OVER the place!

I am grateful for a nice dinner. It was our anniversary - but we're actually celebrating this weekend. So, Karl came over and I made vegetarian chili with cornbread. It was beyond delicious. It was good to see Karl. He's doing well. He's getting good hours at work and so he's doing OK financially. That's always a relief. He got to see his dad for a bit last weekend, and it sounds like they had a really nice time.

I am grateful that yesterday was busier at work. The day went by relatively quickly. I hope the same will be true of today!
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