Feb. 10th, 2014 07:25 am
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I am grateful that - in spite of the snow - the weekend was as much of a success as we could have hoped for. I went with Pete for Family Weekend at Brittany's rehab. I am grateful for the experience on many levels, even though I'm pretty emotionally tired right now.

I am additionally grateful that we were able to GET there - considering the road conditions and weather.

I am grateful that we had a reason that we HAD to leave the house, because I was getting into a funk having been trapped inside for days on end. Driving around and seeing how stupid the snow is all over town lightened my mood considerably.

I am grateful that it is supposed to rain and be warmer today.

I am grateful for the period of time that we were without power on Saturday night. Pete and I had to write letters to Brittany, so I lit a whole cluster of candles on the dining room table. I also lit them throughout the house, focusing primarily on the bedroom and bathroom (and I kept those doors closed to conserve any heat that the candles generated). We wrote our letters by candle light. Then, we just went to bed. It was only about 7:30, but we extinguished the candles that were in the main living spaces. I made sure the only candles burning in the bathroom were jar candles. We took a few extra candles into the bedroom, piled on some extra blankets, grabbed the cat and put him on the bed with us and we hunkered down. The candles kept the room very cozy and warm. The cat purred on my lap while I read my book (on my previously-charged Kindle). It was actually very cozy and sort of blissful. When the power came back on, we decided to just continue with our candlelit night and wound up going to sleep very early.

Speaking of which, I am grateful for extra sleep. Since we couldn't really go anywhere - and considering the emotional drain of how we were spending our days - we went to bed by 9:30 each night. I'm actually very well rested.

I will be busy at work today. I am grateful for that too. So... here we go. Monday!
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